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Tips for Protecting Outdoor Furniture From the Elements

Posted by Casey King on

Tips for Protecting Outdoor Furniture From the Elements

Spending time and money to transform your backyard or porch can sometimes become a challenge, but it is always worth it. Having the option to spend time outdoors enjoying nice weather and a fresh breeze while sipping your coffee is a feeling like no other.

Regions around the country and the world have different weather conditions that could severely take away the joy of these outdoor spaces. These tips for protecting outdoor furniture from the elements will help you take the proper measures to ensure your space remains safe and ready for relaxation.


Your porch is an ideal and safe place to store your furniture and keep it safe against different weather conditions. Keeping a roof over your furniture will remove the threat of water or debris directly hitting or damaging your items. Most outdoor furniture has properties that help it deal with different factors, from bugs to water, but with a little help, you can expand its lifespan further.

Water Proofing

Furniture made from materials like fabric or wood will greatly benefit from being waterproofing. There are multiple ways you can achieve this, from applying a sealant to covering your items during stormy weather. Rain is something you can’t control, but you can prepare for when it happens, especially in humid and rainy regions. Waterproof covers are available for porch swings, hanging bed swings, and other outdoor furniture.

Resistant Materials

Depending on the type of furniture you use to decorate your patio, there are many different materials you can choose from, including poly wood. A poly/ composite porch swing is the perfect item that mixes strength and functionality for your backyard. Natural materials like wood also have properties that protect them from outdoor elements, but there is nothing that compares to plastic.

Fabrics for Outdoor Use

Outdoor fabric is available in many different colors/patterns and styles. Most outdoor fabrics have thick threads that don’t let water filter through, efficiently protecting anything underneath. Before choosing your outdoor cushions, make sure they include a durable, water & UV-resistant outdoor fabric. 

Metal Anchors

Decorating your porch with lighter-weight items such as tents or umbrellas could pose a danger during windy conditions. To protect your outdoor furniture from the elements, you can use metal anchors to secure them on the ground and avoid losing them to the wind. These invisible anchors will make your furniture stay in one place with no problem.

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