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The Life Expectancy of Wooden Porch Swings

Posted by Jeremy Pate on

The Life Expectancy of Wooden Porch Swings

Transforming your home into everything you want it to be requires time, effort, and the right elements to make you feel comfortable and at peace. You can use furniture to provide your home with options like relaxation areas, entertainment spaces, and more.

Maintenance is essential to keeping everything in your house functional; how much you take care of your items will determine how long they last. Other characteristics, like materials and weather conditions, will also influence their lifespan. The life expectancy of wooden porch swings depends on several factors, which we’ll go over below.

Wood Characteristics

Wood is a naturally strong element that can handle elements like weather, heat, wind, and dust. Specific types of wood, like pine and cedar, have outstanding durability and will last for a long time. Throughout history, wood has been one element that can tell a story, especially when there are no external factors to damage it.

Constant Use

The best way to keep a porch swing safe and functional is to use it frequently. To enhance your experience and have another excuse to sit on your swing, you can add porch swing pillows that will make it more comfortable. Life expectancy changes with different factors, and you’ll notice if anything is wrong when you use your swing.

General Expectancy

The life expectancy of a wooden porch swing ranges between 15 to 20 years. This range could vary due to maintenance, usage, and location, but the strong wood characteristics make them ideal pieces of furniture. High-quality pieces will help you save time and money because they will last long without much maintenance.

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance is necessary to manage dirt, debris, and threats like bugs or termites. Keeping your porch swing clean will extend its life so you can enjoy it longer. Cleaning it with a wet cloth, dusting it before/after use, and covering it when not in use will positively impact its life expectancy.

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