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About Us

Our husband-and-wife venture of starting our own business, Magnolia Porch Swings, actually stemmed from our personal hunt for the perfect porch swing.  We had just moved into our “family home”, the house we see our children growing up in.  With three boys aged 3, 6, and 9 years old, we spend a LOT of time outside.  After tiring out, we would plop down in random lawn chairs sporadically placed on our patio in the shaded area under our deck. I remember thinking, “this just won’t do for my dream home!” So our hunt for the ideal hanging swing was on!  

We visited our local big box stores, only to find the same few, bland swings that just didn’t have the character or charm we were looking for.  After having no further luck with our online search, we decided to have our porch swing built to our liking by a family friend who dabbled in woodworking.  We absolutely love our handmade swing and it has served us well -- but what about everyone else who may not be fortunate enough to live near someone who can whip up their perfect swing?  

The idea of was born!  We aspire to provide our customers with the design, character and charm, as well as comfort that they desire from a porch swing for their homes.  We would love to hear your story as well as see photos of your beauty from Magnolia Porch Swings hanging proudly outside (or inside) your home!  Please visit our facebook page, Magnolia Porch Swings, and share away!  We hope you enjoy your experience on our site and look forward to helping your peaceful porch swingin’ dreams come true!

If you have any questions regarding our products, please email us at:

Happy Swingin’

~ Casey & Eric