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Terms & Conditions

Warranty and Product Disclaimer

Magnolia Porch Swings, a limited liability corporation, takes great pride in the products they develop and manufacture.  This company stands behind their products with a 1 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.  Upon delivery customers are expected to inspect all products and ensure all items are included and in working order.  If there are any components that are damaged or missing upon arrival, please contact Magnolia Porch Swings within 3 days of delivery to address the issue.  After 3 days of delivery, Magnolia Porch Swings will no longer be responsible for any missing parts or for the repair of damaged items from shipping. Customers need to inspect products when they arrive.

Products are hand-made with painstaking detail from materials among the finest available.  However, wood as an organic product can age differently and can react to different climates.  As the wood in Magnolia Porch Swings products age, it is possible, though uncommon, for the wood to crack or warp.  This is normal with the aging process of wood in exterior conditions and is not covered under the 1 year limited warranty, i.e. normal “wear and tear” is not subject to warranty claims.  If manufacturing defects are present, the following course of actions should be taken: photographs of the issue are to be emailed to MPS at  

Magnolia Porch Swings will assess the issue and determine whether a manufacturing defect has occurred and proceed to repair or replace the defective product if necessary.  The determination of the manufacturing defect is decided by the Magnolia Porch Swings management.  The Magnolia Porch Swings 1 year limited warranty is covered only on non-custom (i.e. stock) swings in stock finishes.  Custom swings and custom paints are not covered under the 1 year limited parts warranty.

Magnolia Porch Swings recommends hiring a licensed contractor for swing installation.  Magnolia Porch Swings is not responsible for any damages to the swing, to the house, or any injuries as a result of improper installation.

At the point of purchase of any product of Magnolia Porch Swings the customer accepts all liability,  releasing the manufacturer from all liability henceforth and agrees to these terms and conditions.

If there are any questions or need to file a warranty claim, please call (877) 327-3529, extension 803.