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Top 3 Popular Wood Types for Porch Swings

Posted by Kristen Green on

Top 3 Popular Wood Types for Porch Swings

When choosing a porch swing for your home, one of the most important things to consider is the material, or wood type. A porch swing’s material can affect everything from the look to the durability. To help you choose the best material for your new swing, we’ll go over the top three popular wood types for porch swings.


This tough hardwood is strong and resistant to rot and decay. Its durability leads to less maintenance and an impressive lifespan.

Cedar is also a gorgeous wood type. It has a rich red color that fades to a silvery gray or brown patina as it ages. This wood graciously accepts stains and other finishes if you want a different look.

Fortunately, cedar is environmentally friendly. This sustainably sourced wood is renewable, biodegradable, and aids in decreasing greenhouse gases. Even the most devout eco-warriors can feel good about using this material.


Nicknamed the “Eternal Wood,” this material will last a lifetime. Cypress produces a protective oil called cypressine, which repels insects and prevents blight.

Cypress wood is a soft honey color with straight grains and a medium texture that makes it universally appealing. If honey isn't your hue, you can stain this wood to your heart's content to achieve your desired look.

Like cedar, cypress is environmentally friendly. It's harvested from healthy forests located in the southeastern United States. This kind of tree is rumored to regrow from cut stumps!


Pinewood is the weakest in this list, but that doesn't make it a bad option. When treated, sealed, and painted, pine holds up excellently against the elements.

Pine is a great option for porch swings because it's affordable and stunning. It comes in yellow or white shades with dark, prominent knots throughout, giving it a rustic look.

Like its fellow swing woods, pine is eco-friendly and harvested from tree plantations in the southern US.

These top three popular wood types for porch swings are fantastic options, so choose whichever feels right to you! Magnolia Porch Swings carry swings in various wood types. Browse through our collection in your search for the swing of your dreams! Whether you're looking for a cypress porch swing, cushions, or hanging accessories, we can help you spruce up your home.

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