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The Most Important Backyard Maintenance for Fall

Posted by Eric King on

The Most Important Backyard Maintenance for Fall

Fall is a season with many changes that you need to prepare for. Part of that is paying special attention to the elements in your backyard. Completing a few important tasks will prepare you for the season and make it more enjoyable.

The most important backyard maintenance for fall will keep your space clean and ready for all the changes this season brings. These tips for focusing your attention will protect your exterior elements like furniture and landscaping from the weather.

Clean Your Gutters

With leaves falling from the trees constantly, it is easy for your gutters to get full of them, and they will block the path for water. The accumulated leaves can also cause mold problems that could wear down and break these channels. Cleaning your gutters at least once a week, ideally over the weekend when you have enough time, could prevent future problems on your roof and home foundation.

Cut the Grass

Depending on where you live, cutting the grass constantly during the fall will prevent falling leaves from getting stuck and accumulating on the ground. This will also help you keep your grass at the right length for when the winter comes. Fall is the perfect season to spend more time outdoors as the temperature begins dropping, and making your backyard look its best will make you feel your best.

Protect Your Furniture

With the changes in colors and wind blowing a little stronger, some of your furniture could get more dust and pollen on it than usual. It is essential to cover and clean the furniture to avoid damage from the elements. A cedar wood swing is the perfect example of a sophisticated piece of exterior furniture that you will enjoy more if you clean it year-round.

Use Fertilizer

With cool months coming, it’s important to feed your plants and keep them strong and healthy. Applying fertilizer is the best way to do so, and remember to water your plants. Cooler months mean you don’t have to water them as often as during the hot summer, but do it enough to keep them hydrated. You can apply the fertilizer right after watering the plants and lawn to maximize the absorption.

Clean Your Deck

To prevent elements like mold and dust from slowly eating your deck, clean it at least once a week. You can clean well with a power washing machine to remove any hidden particles. This is an important tip for backyard maintenance during the fall because it will prevent the wood from developing problems like cracks and weak spots, which could worsen in winter.

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