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Porch Swing or Swing Bed? - Classic Style vs. Luxury

Posted by Eric King on

The Difference between Porch Swings & Swing Beds

When you’re trying to make a decision about what to use to accent your front porch, many people find themselves looking toward either a swing bed, or a more traditional porch swing. While we offer both varieties at Magnolia, there are some important differences to recognize when you’re making a decision about the two. What you end up deciding should really depend on what you plan to use the swing for in the first place, and how you see yourself using it on a regular basis.

Let’s take a closer look at the subtle differences between porch swings and swing beds, so you can make an informed decision when it comes time to add a little bit of rest and relaxation to your front porch.

Taking a Closer Look at Porch Swings

When we think of Porch Swings, we think of Classic Style; sitting on the porch with Grandma, or with the Grandkids!  Porch swings are typically designed with a smaller space in mind. Though they look great on a large, wide porch, they can of course accommodate smaller areas, making them a perfect solution for less space, when you’re still looking for atmosphere and relaxation outside of your house.

Under normal circumstances, porch swings are designed to fit two, or sometimes three people, depending on the size. This makes them the perfect places for everything from conversation, to relaxing through an afternoon with a good book. 

Porch swings are also generally a more cost effective option, depending on what type of swing material you choose.  From Cedar, Cypress, Teak, or Poly we're sure to have the right style for you.  Porch swing typically do not come with cushions, although they can be easily added to many of our swings.

Taking a Closer Look at Swing Beds

When you think of Swing beds, think Luxury!!  Swing beds require a bit more space on the porch itself in order to be installed, because as you might expect, they’re significantly bigger than a standard porch swing. Aside from their size, however, it’s the purpose and use behind the swing beds that typically accounts for their purchase.

Swing beds are designed with both comfort and social features in mind. Most are designed to be able to fit a regular-sized twin mattress, so you can either lay out as if it were an actual bed, or share the space with a group of friends. They don’t have the same level of ‘swing’ as a standard porch swing might, as they provide more of a gentle sway, which can be extremely relaxing if you’re trying to lay down for an afternoon nap on a warm summer day.

Another great thing about swing beds is the versatility when it comes to how they look. At Magnolia, we offer a variety of different styles in swing beds, but they’re all easily customizable depending on your own personal taste. Swing beds can be cozied up with all sorts of extras: from thick cushions, bolster pillows (tube looking pillow), throw pillows, blankets, etc.  

Swing beds will also provide that beautiful oasis feel to your outdoor area.  If you have room/space under a deck, in a sun room, etc. you can really jazz the area up with one of these beautiful pieces of luxury furniture.  

One major thing to consider, when looking at a swing bed, is the cost.  They are much more expensive than typical porch swings, but they offer tons of more function.

Deciding Between a Porch Swing and Swing Bed

Ultimately, the decision to purchase either a porch swing or swing bed is up to personal preference. It’s important to keep space in mind, and what the overall purpose for the piece of furniture will be. When looking at the style and comfort of both, you want to be sure you choose what is right for you.  I like to compare Swing Beds & Porch Swings, as buying a Cadillac to buying a Mustang; both are extremely nice, but they have two completely different purposes.

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