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How to Swap Porch Decor from Season to Season

Posted by Casey King on

You spent hours decorating your porch for the fall season...Pumpkins, corn stalks, straw bales, scarecrows, and mums have turned your porch into a harvest of colors and textures, and it looks AMAZING!

But now Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and we know what happens immediately following our day filled with family, food, and football. The Christmas season EXPLODES! There’s not only Christmas music and holiday shopping sales around every corner, but the decorations seem to appear out of thin air!

Who are we to fight the frenzy?!? The house decor needs to be updated, and that includes our porch decorations. Yep, the ones that you just spent hours (or days) perfected just a few short weeks ago. To keep from getting decorating whiplash, we recommend trading out your porch decor slowly, bit by bit.

Decorating Whiplash: (noun) the physical and emotional discomfort one experiences due to too little time taking place between decorating and redecorating the same area.

Using this photo of a beautiful porch from Good Housekeeping, and some easy to follow steps, we’ll show you just how painless the transition between fall and Christmas decorations can be.

First, remove all tell-tale Halloween/Fall items. Once those are put away, you still have the colors of fall on your porch but by removing the seasonal items, you’re getting further from fall and closer to Christmas.

TO DO: Put away pumpkins, scarecrows, hay/straw bales, and corn stalks

Next, add the evergreen that you’ll use in your Christmas decor. The greenery will help slowly bring the lively colors of Christmas to your porch. We’re gradually moving away from the oranges, browns, and yellows and into the greens, reds, and whites of Christmas….starting with GREEN!

TO DO: Add greenery to windows, doors, porch railing, columns, etc.

As you move on into December, remove the last of the traditional fall colors and replace with reds, greens, whites, or any of the other bright and lively colors that coordinate with your Christmas decor.

TO DOAdd berry wreaths, small evergreen plants/trees in red planters,
poinsettias, colorful blankets/accessory pillows to porch seating, etc. to bring in the bolder colors.

Lastly, bring out the full-on Christmas cheer! Any and everything Christmas gets added to finalize your holiday porch decor!

TO DO: Add lights, and any additional knick-knacks and accessories that have Christmas-related designs/motifs/slogans on them.

Now, your porch is Christmas-ready and there was no whiplash involved! You’ll actually have time to focus on the rest of the super pressing holiday struggles, like finding the perfect teacher gifts or scheduling three Christmas dinners into one day! :)

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