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How To Choose the Best Porch Swing Material

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How To Choose the Best Porch Swing Material

You need to consider different details when purchasing a porch swing for your home, and one of those details is the main material. Matching your personality and the style of your patio is important, but you also need to consider factors like your weather and location.

To choose the best porch swing material, you need to know the main differences between the various types. This will let you make an informed decision to take full advantage of the benefits they provide, like relaxation, low maintenance, and durability.

There are different styles you can choose from, with different sizes and shapes, that will enhance your space and provide you with a unique outdoor experience. Porch swings are perfect if you want to spend more time outdoors enjoying a fresh breeze and natural elements.

Consider Your Weather Conditions

Weather and the location of your home are two main factors to think about when deciding on a porch swing. The materials commonly used in porch swings are resistant to outdoor elements within certain limits. Factors like temperature, wind, environment, and exposure to sunlight could affect your swing.

It’s essential to keep your outdoor furniture protected as much as possible to make the most out of your outdoor experience. You could extend the life of your swing by placing it in the shade and providing it with protection from wind and debris.

Find One That’s Low Maintenance

Depending on your needs and how often you want to use the outdoor porch swing, you can choose between materials that require little to no constant maintenance. Most materials are strong and resistant, but that doesn’t mean you can leave them unattended most of the time.

Low maintenance means that once you put the swing in place, you only need to clean it of dust and debris before every use. Some materials have a natural resistance to outdoor elements, but things like bugs can attack them. Other materials have enhanced properties that will make them last longer, but they may not fit with the style of your home. So find a nice balance between style and maintenance level that matches your lifestyle.

Types of Materials

The different materials you can get on your hanging porch swings give you different options to cover your needs. These are the most common materials you can find.

Wooden Swings

This type of swing matches perfectly with outdoor elements; they are resistant and durable, and you can match them with every kind of decor style. There are many different types of wood you can also choose from for your swing.


Cedar is a strong material that doesn’t warp over time and will give your porch a rustic and sophisticated look. It’s naturally a brownish-red color, but it turns into a silver-gray shade with time. Plus, the color is uniform, and it has a nice texture.


Cypress wood is a natural bug repellent, it’s easy to maintain, and it’s durable, functional, and versatile. It also contains a natural type of resin that protects the wood from heat, rot, and insects.


This type of wood provides unique natural designs that make porch swings visually attractive and useful, and its natural color is a light yellow with some accents. Additionally, you can add latex paint to make it stronger and protect it from insects and weather.

Poly Porch Swings

This type of swing has a high resistance level because plastic is its main component. However, it’s eco-friendly because the swings often come from recycled plastic, making it safe and good for the environment. Poly porch swings come in a wide variety of colors, they can deal with harsh exterior elements, and they’re simple to maintain.

Metal Swings

Metal is naturally resistant and strong. Plus, metal swings are the perfect addition if you already have metal outdoor furniture. Water is metal’s enemy, but with the proper care and protection, your porch swings will have a good and long lifespan.

Consider Enhanced Protection

There are different ways you can enhance your swing protection with simple additions, like water repellents, fabric covers, and even shady trees. Keeping your furniture away from constant exposure to the sun will positively impact any material. The right elements will deliver a better experience and keep your swing clean and ready to use whenever you want.

Water repellents are ideal and functional with any material. Wood has natural properties that help it stay strong and dry fast, but adding an extra repellent layer will help. The easiest and most practical way to protect your outdoor swing is with fabric covers. You can find fabric covers online that will perfectly fit any swing.

Choose for Your Needs

Choosing the best porch swing material depends on many factors, including how often you’ll use it. If you have a large family that will constantly use it, you need to consider the size and material strength. However, if it’s for you only, you have more freedom. Most materials are resistant, but some are more comfortable than others, so you can also include pillows and cushions to add to the relaxing factor.

Porch swings are ideal for relaxing and peacefully enjoying the outdoors, but you can also have a hanging bed that will make a family movie night more enjoyable. Choosing for your immediate needs can make your decision more valuable.

Match Patio Elements and Accessories

To choose which type of material best suits your porch, you must consider which elements you already have on your patio. If you have lots of green, a wooden swing could be a nice addition since it gives a natural rustic feel that matches well with plants.

The main activities you have outdoors will influence how to set up your swing and when you’ll use it. If you like using your swing mostly at night, the natural bug repellent from the cedar swings might help you enjoy it more comfortably.

Building a space where you’re comfortable and taking full advantage of your exterior elements is ideal for a happy lifestyle. Transforming an area isn’t simple, but with the right elements, you can deliver results that will please everyone in your household.

How To Choose the Best Porch Swing Material

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