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5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space for Spring/Summer

Posted by Eric King on

5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space for Spring/Summer

The weather is getting warmer, which means you'll soon be spending more and more time out in the sun. Chances are that after a long winter, your outdoor space is in a state of disrepair. The planters are empty, your lawn could use some TLC, and your outdoor furniture is still in the shed.

To help you get your outdoor space back in shape so you can relax and enjoy nature, here are five ways to spruce up your outdoor space for spring/summer.

General Home Maintenance

Winter can wreak havoc on your home. Take the time to check your exterior for issues like clogged gutters or peeling paint. These problems can detract from the beauty of your outdoor space and potentially pose a safety hazard.

Make it Green

Spruce up your yard to start things off. If your grass is unruly after a few months without a trim, give it a shave with your lawnmower. Weather permitting, you can liven up your outdoor space with lush and vibrant plants. Depending on the temperature outside, you can start planting most plants as early as February. The burst of color that flowers provide will make your outdoor space look clean and lively, and make it more pleasant!

Bring Out the Furniture—Or Buy New

Drag your furniture out of the shed and hose it down. If you're looking for a change of pace, head to your local home and garden store or shop online for new pieces. If you want to change the look of your outdoor space but don't want to spend a fortune, another option is to keep your existing furniture and freshen it up with a stain, a coat of paint, or a seasonal set of cushions and pillows.

Create a Cozy Lounging Space

Making a cozy lounge area is another way to spruce up your outdoor space for spring and summer. Essential items for a seating area include couches, chairs, tables, and a few accessories. Seating-wise, you can go with the traditional sectional and chair combo or choose something more unique, like a swing or swing bed. We recommend arranging your seats in a horseshoe shape, which is ideal for holding conversations with friends and family. Tables provide a place to set plates and cups and play games.

Personalize With Accessories

Furniture gives your space functionality. Accessories give your space personality. Make your outdoor space feel like home by decorating it with birdhouses and feeders, cushions, garden gnomes, lamps, pillows, plants, rugs, and throw blankets.

Swings are a fantastic addition to any outdoor space. They look lovely and are a joy to sit and swing on. If you're looking for a front porch swing for your outdoor area, see what Magnolia Porch Swings has to offer. We have a wide variety of swings and swing beds to choose from, so you'll surely find one that suits you and your home. Shop today!

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