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5 Ways To Prepare Your Porch for the Winter Season

Posted by Kristen Green on

5 Ways To Prepare Your Porch for the Winter Season

Keeping every element in your home safe and ready for the changes of the season will give you a head start and enhance protection. Exterior elements, such as furniture, plants, and resting areas, require special attention because those elements are the ones with major exposure.

Depending on where you live, winter is one season that presents bigger threats to you and your home’s porches. These ways to prepare your porch for the winter season will give you reliable advice on how to maintain and protect your home.

Fix Any Problems

Checking for problems such as cracks, broken steps, or rusty handrails is essential to maintaining a functional porch and protecting it during the winter. The cold weather could freeze and damage wood, causing it to break if you step on it, which could harm you. Other problems, such as mold, could also appear and expand if your porch is constantly damp from rain or snow, so it’s important you remove the mold as soon as possible and dry any particularly damp or wet spots.

Remove Fallen Leaves

Before winter arrives, fall will cover your backyard and porch with fallen leaves. Removing those leaves is essential because they hold large amounts of moisture, which will increase with rain and snow. This excess moisture can cause the wood of your porch to weaken and rot, leaving it in need of repairs for the spring.

Protect Your Furniture

Depending on the material, outdoor furniture is resistant and has special features that allow them to stay protected during winter without much attention. Couches, cushioned chairs, and wood tables require more attention. You can remove and store them or protect them with seat covers. If you have front porch swings, either remove them or wrap them in waterproof material for protection.

Use Vinyl Paint

A good way to prepare your porch for the winter season is to repaint it with vinyl paint. This paint keeps moisture out and strengthens the wood. Vinyl paint acts as a thin wrapping that will enhance protection and deliver good results. Vinyl paint will not only protect your porch but will also keep it looking nice throughout the winter.

Add a Heat Lamp

Just because cold weather is coming doesn’t mean you should not enjoy your outdoor space. Using comfortable, waterproof seat covers and adding a heat lamp or two will transform your winter porch experience. Get creative with your winterizing; your porch is a unique space that should be enjoyed year-round.

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