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5 Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Backyard Summer BBQ

Posted by Casey King on

It's summer, and you know what that means: it's time to head outside and have fun under the sun! BBQs are one quintessential summer event that many have been dreaming of all winter and spring. Now that the weather is warm and sunny, there's no better time to have one! If you're planning your first BBQ of the season and need some guidance, here are our tips for throwing the ultimate backyard BBQ this summer.

Plan in Advance

Don't wait until the last minute to plan your BBQ. You want to give yourself and your guests a week at minimum to prepare. Before you do anything else, pick a date and time and invite your friends and family. Then you can focus on the smaller details, like the theme, food, games, and so on.

Be Accommodating

Another tip is to be accommodating. Will there be kids at your BBQ? What about folks with food allergies? Ask your guests beforehand if they have any food restrictions and how you can best accommodate them. This ensures everyone will have something to eat and won't be left hungry. Meanwhile, offering a variety of food can help please kids and picky eaters. Try to have at least two options for the main course and multiple snack options available.

Offer Ample Seating

While the grass is technically a place to sit, it's not the most pleasant kind of seating, and your guests would most likely prefer some kind of sheet or chair! It's crucial to have ample seating for your guests, whether that's in the form of picnic blankets, outdoor sofas, fold-up chairs, or a relaxing porch swing.

Do a Little Decorating

The decor isn't the most important part of a BBQ, but you can't go wrong with a little bit of decoration here and there! Choose a theme, head down to your local party store, and pick out a plastic table cover, themed plates, a banner for the side of your home, and a yard sign to enthusiastically welcome your guests. These thoughtful touches will add personality to your event, elevating it beyond an ordinary BBQ.

Don't Forget the Games

What's a BBQ without a few outdoor games? Games are a great way to pass the time while you're waiting on food and keep the party going once the meal is over. A few popular summer BBQ games we recommend are cornhole, lawn darts, ladder golf, kickball, Jenga, and board or card games like Uno or Yahtzee.

With these tips for planning the ultimate summer BBQ, you can host a BBQ to remember this year!

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