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What are you most looking forward to this spring?

Posted by Casey King on

There are so many wonderful aspects of winter – Christmas (my favorite holiday), snow, scarves, sweaters, and boots! I have so enjoyed making snow cream, sledding, and drinking hot chocolate, but I am definitely a warmer weather kind of gal.  So I am ready to wave goodbye to winter and welcome spring!

I am looking forward to having some GREEN back in my life – trees, bushes, etc. will soon be green again and won’t look so dang sad. 

I’m ready to spend some time outside on our porch, without being bundled in coats, hats, and gloves.

I can’t wait to watch our boys play baseball! I love baseball, and watching tiny people play is the best!

Which brings about the next thing I’m looking forward to about spring – St. Louis Cardinals are playing again!

I’m looking forward to running out to my car to retrieve something (else) that I’ve forgotten without having to put my shoes on – small I know, but I appreciate those little things.

I am anxious to get big, beautiful ferns to hang on our front porch.  Why is it that having a few hanging ferns makes a porch feel so much more “homey”? I’m not sure but they definitely do!

I am even looking forward to mowing our lawn!!!  I know it’s odd, but I actually enjoy mowing (with the riding mower, of course).  It’s so peaceful!

I am just looking forward to being outside with our kiddos, doing Anything really – riding bikes; playing kickball, basketball, soccer, croquet; jumping on the trampoline; going to the park!  I know we can do these things in winter too, but I definitely enjoy them all more when my teeth aren’t chattering!!

So the fact that I am already plotting and planning all of the great things that my family and I are gonna get into this spring made me think -- why not ask around and see what everyone else has begun looking forward to about spring finally rolling into town.  So comment below and share with us your favorite thing(s) about spring – what are you most looking forward to?!?  Let us know!

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  • Sitting around with my beautiful wife and three kiddos enjoying the warm spring air. Mowing the grass and yard work. Just being outdoors and relaxing!!

    Logan green on
  • Warmer weather for sure and longer days! Loving it already :)

    Maggie Wilson on
  • Warmer weather, yard work and just being outside (and the kids being able to be outside more for sure)!! We don’t do winter well! ???

    Kristen on
  • I am so looking forward to warm (not hot) weather and a nice spring breeze. I always have a good breeze going across my back yard in the spring. It is so nice to sit there and relax.
    Love warm days and cooler nights. Spring is my second favorite season only above it is fall.
    Welcome Spring……

    Judy Counts on
  • I am most looking forward to being able to take my son out hiking and on nature trails around Colorado. It will be his first spring ?

    Amy Rothmeyer on

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