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3 Tips for Keeping Your Porch Swing From Flipping Over

Posted by Casey King on

3 Tips for Keeping Your Porch Swing From Flipping Over

Spending a morning or an evening out on your porch enjoying your porch swing could be one of the highlights of your day. While a porch swing comes with many benefits, you may have experienced the common annoyance of having it flip over. To keep your porch swing from flipping over, below are some safety practices and recommendations you can follow.

Balance the Weight

Weight distribution is a determining factor in how smoothly and safely the swing moves. If it is just you, try sitting closer to the middle of the swing, so your weight distributes more evenly on both sides. Likewise, if more than one person is enjoying the swing, ensure even spacing.

The back of the swing is also important, along with the armrests. Avoid placing heavy objects on these parts. Pillows, cushions, and blankets are the only items you should have on your swing; anything else—such as plants or decorations—could compromise the stability of the swing.

Practice Proper Maintenance

Porch swings, like all other outdoor furniture exposed to the elements, require more maintenance than other types of furniture. Principally, you must ensure that the elements securing your swing to your porch are in optimal condition.

You must check elements like chains, ropes, bolts, and screws at least once a week to ensure that nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Ensure that the chains are not rusting, that there are no visible dents, and that ropes don’t have mold or bugs. If your swing is well-secured with functioning fasteners and materials, it is less likely to flip over.

Rock, Don’t Swing

Gently rocking back and forth, almost as you would in a rocking chair, is the correct way to use a porch swing. Despite its name, swinging is harsher on the features that keep the porch swing elevated and secure. Swinging as you would on a swing set at a playground is one of the quickest ways for a porch swing to break down. To keep a porch swing from flipping over, you must be careful with the speed and strength you use.

Porch swings are amazing for relaxation and spending quality time outdoors, and you will enjoy the benefits for longer when you take good care of your swing. Are you looking to buy a quality porch swing so you can experience the same benefits? At Magnolia Porch Swings, we have quality porch swings that you’ll love. Browse our selection today!

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